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List of products by brand Steinel

For more than 60 years, Steinel has been developing and improving technological products that have significantly outpaced their era from the beginning and influenced all markets. This tradition is alive today as it was then. Innovative inventions that meet human needs. For today's world, Steinel is a model for the future with history, because it is, in the true sense of the word, an inventor company based in Germany, producing in Europe.

Today's Steinel is not just a manufacturer of sensor light switches. It was yesterday. Today's Steinel focuses on the needs of tomorrow and beyond, by digitizing the installation of lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, air quality control and a range of other features that not all architects or designers are thinking about today.

"As pioneers of hot air technology, we have been working for decades on intelligent tool solutions that are being used in their millions by satisfied customers. With the new generation of our hot air tools we have not only improved their technology and design, the specific requirements of our customers have played an active part in influencing development as well."