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List of products by brand Makita

The origins of the Japanese tool manufacturer Makita date back to 1915, when the company was founded in Nagoya. At the beginning of the company's existence, it specialized in the production of lighting equipment, transformers and electric motors, until in 1935 it decided to focus only on the production of the latter..

In 1958, Makita developed the first portable electric planer on the market, which determined the company's future direction. Over the next 2 years, the company expanded its range to portable wall cutters, hand-held circular saws and drills. 1978 became the cornerstones when Makita introduced the first drill with a 7.2 V battery to the market. Over 40 years of experience has led to the development of the widest range of rechargeable tools running on the same battery. The company specializes in the production of 18 V cordless tools, of which there are more than 150, to meet the needs of each customer.

The letters or numbers at the end of each unique tool name indicate what makes up the order:

J = Carrying case Makpac

T = Battery 5,0 Ah

M = Battery 4,0 Ah

F = Battery 3,0 Ah

A = Battery 2,0 Ah

Y = Battery 1,5 Ah

H = Battery 1,3 Ah

E = 2 Batteries

3 = 3 Batteries

Z = Without battery and charger

R = Charger DC18RC or DC18RA

S = Charger DC18SD

V = DX02 dust collection system