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List of products by brand Bosch

Here you will find all Bosch tools and their accessories. The main groups of Bosch tools are as follows:

  • Bosch Blue line (Bosch Professional) is a tool for professionals that meets the highest standards of power, accuracy and durability. Most of these tools are supplied in advanced transport system "L-BOXX" carrying cases.
  • Bosch Green line - various household, hobby and garden work tools. These tools stand out with a great combination of high quality, latest technology, convenient design and good price.
  • Bosch measuring instruments - tools for professionals and craftsmen to help smooth out the surface, measure distances, angles and slopes, find various hidden objects.
  • Bosch accessories - over 8000 products are offered (drills for concrete, metal, wood and other materials; chisels; routers; cutting discs; screwdriver bits; abrasive materials, etc.). All Bosch accessories are of extremely high quality.

Company history in brief:

Robert Bosch GmbH was founded in 1886, in Stuttgart, Germany.

It was founded by Robert Bosch, known as an innovative engineer, author of many technological discoveries and an active public figure, philanthropist. Robert was the first to apply the 8-hour shift principle in his factories. He founded a company-funded hospital and contributed much to improving the quality of daily life.

The corporation he created is now known as the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive components. It would be very difficult to find at least one car in the world without any Bosch parts. The automotive group accounts for about 60 percent total turnover of the corporation. However, the company is also known as a manufacturer of industrial equipment, household appliances and power tools.

Bosch has registered more than 4,000 patents. This figure perfectly illustrates the company’s passion for innovation. Special attention has recently been paid to battery devices and battery technologies.